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it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.datalog.MinimalModels Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.datalog.MinimalModels:
it.unical.mat.embasp.base.Output it.unical.mat.parsers.datalog.DatalogDataCollection it.unical.mat.embasp.specializations.idlv.IDLVMinimalModels

Public Member Functions

 MinimalModels (final String out)
 MinimalModels (final String out, final String err)
Object clone () throws CloneNotSupportedException
Set< MinimalModelgetMinimalModels ()
String getMinimalModelAsString ()
void addMinimalModel (MinimalModel minimalModel)
- Public Member Functions inherited from it.unical.mat.embasp.base.Output
 Output ()
 Output (final String initial_output)
 Output (final String out, final String err)
String getErrors ()
String getOutput ()
void setErrors (final String err)
void setOutput (final String output)

Protected Attributes

Set< MinimalModelminimalModels
- Protected Attributes inherited from it.unical.mat.embasp.base.Output
String output
String errors

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from it.unical.mat.embasp.base.Output
void parse ()

Detailed Description

A utility class to wrap MinimalModel with useful methods and interface it with the parser.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MinimalModels() [1/2]

it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.datalog.MinimalModels.MinimalModels ( final String  out)

◆ MinimalModels() [2/2]

it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.datalog.MinimalModels.MinimalModels ( final String  out,
final String  err 

Member Function Documentation

◆ addMinimalModel()

void it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.datalog.MinimalModels.addMinimalModel ( MinimalModel  minimalModel)

◆ clone()

Object it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.datalog.MinimalModels.clone ( ) throws CloneNotSupportedException

Reimplemented from it.unical.mat.embasp.base.Output.

◆ getMinimalModelAsString()

String it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.datalog.MinimalModels.getMinimalModelAsString ( )

Return the current output data

the minimal model as a string object - basically, the chosen solver's raw standard output.

◆ getMinimalModels()

Set<MinimalModel> it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.datalog.MinimalModels.getMinimalModels ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ minimalModels

Set<MinimalModel> it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.datalog.MinimalModels.minimalModels

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