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it.unical.mat.embasp.specializations.dlvhex.DLVHEXAnswerSets Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for it.unical.mat.embasp.specializations.dlvhex.DLVHEXAnswerSets:
it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.asp.AnswerSets it.unical.mat.embasp.base.Output it.unical.mat.parsers.asp.ASPDataCollection

Public Member Functions

 DLVHEXAnswerSets (final String answerSets)
 DLVHEXAnswerSets (final String output, final String errors)
- Public Member Functions inherited from it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.asp.AnswerSets
 AnswerSets (final String out)
 AnswerSets (final String out, final String err)
Object clone () throws CloneNotSupportedException
List< AnswerSetgetAnswersets ()
List< AnswerSetgetOptimalAnswerSets ()
String getAnswerSetsString ()
void addAnswerSet ()
void storeAtom (final String result)
void storeCost (final int level, final int weight)
- Public Member Functions inherited from it.unical.mat.embasp.base.Output
 Output ()
 Output (final String initial_output)
 Output (final String out, final String err)
String getErrors ()
String getOutput ()
void setErrors (final String err)
void setOutput (final String output)

Protected Member Functions

void parse ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from it.unical.mat.embasp.languages.asp.AnswerSets
List< AnswerSetanswersets
- Protected Attributes inherited from it.unical.mat.embasp.base.Output
String output
String errors

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DLVHEXAnswerSets() [1/2]

it.unical.mat.embasp.specializations.dlvhex.DLVHEXAnswerSets.DLVHEXAnswerSets ( final String  answerSets)

◆ DLVHEXAnswerSets() [2/2]

it.unical.mat.embasp.specializations.dlvhex.DLVHEXAnswerSets.DLVHEXAnswerSets ( final String  output,
final String  errors 

Member Function Documentation

◆ parse()

void it.unical.mat.embasp.specializations.dlvhex.DLVHEXAnswerSets.parse ( )

Reimplemented from it.unical.mat.embasp.base.Output.

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