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languages.mapper.Mapper Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for languages.mapper.Mapper:
languages.asp.asp_mapper.ASPMapper languages.datalog.datalog_mapper.DatalogMapper languages.pddl.pddl_mapper.PDDLMapper

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def get_class (self, predicate)
def get_object (self, atom)
def register_class (self, cl)
def unregister_class (self, cl)
def get_string (self, obj)

Detailed Description

Base class, contains methods used to transform Objects into

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def languages.mapper.Mapper.__init__ (   self)

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_class()

def languages.mapper.Mapper.get_class (   self,
Returns a string for the given predicate name string.

◆ get_object()

def languages.mapper.Mapper.get_object (   self,
Returns an Object for the given string.

The parameter string is a string from which data are
extrapolated. The method return a Object for the given string

◆ get_string()

def languages.mapper.Mapper.get_string (   self,
Returns data for the given Object.

The parameter obj is the Object from which data are
extrapolated. The method return a string data for the given
Object in a String format.

◆ register_class()

def languages.mapper.Mapper.register_class (   self,
Insert an object into _predicate_class.

The method return a string representing pairing key of

◆ unregister_class()

def languages.mapper.Mapper.unregister_class (   self,
Remove an object from _predicate_class.

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